Batman says: If you can’t bend over and tie your shoes without getting out of breath, you should probably consider a bit of exercise. I am not talking about being stupid about it and running off for a gym membership and spending money that is better put to use elsewhere, I’m talking about going for a walk, riding a bike, swimming, or treadmill… oh heck you get the idea. Move your sedentary butt a bit and lose a few inches. You will feel better, look better and live longer in the end. I want to live a long healthy life to annoy Peach as long as she will put up with me, so once again I find myself exercising because I have packed on a few pounds, but, good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I’ll get down to fighting weight and pester her a bit longer

Y’all take care now ya hear?

By peachandbatman

Hi!! Thanks for dropping in! We are just a couple of high school sweethearts married 36+ years, who love Jesus, each other, life, our family, our country, traveling, taking pictures, teaching people about guns, books, movies, music, British murder mysteries, and cooking! We have a little bit of everything going on! Come on in!

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