Winding, Foggy Roads


Peach says: These are pictures from our departure from Biltmore Estates this past December. Wonderful trip. Short, and packed with fun! The fog and rain was so pretty. Batman handled the roads with a relaxed ease I could not have managed, (No, really! I don’t drive on the interstate or bridges! So really!) As I was looking at these pictures, I thought how often life takes us up and down and around, in paths that are sometimes sunny, but also sometimes foggy, sometimes uncertain. That’s ok. Take the rain, the fog, the sun the same. Take it with faith that God goes before you. He’s got your back. He’s at your side. You’re in Him and He’s in you. Don’t mind all those curves and dips. It’s so much prettier a ride than the straight and level road.

By peachandbatman

Hi!! Thanks for dropping in! We are just a couple of high school sweethearts married 36+ years, who love Jesus, each other, life, our family, our country, traveling, taking pictures, teaching people about guns, books, movies, music, British murder mysteries, and cooking! We have a little bit of everything going on! Come on in!

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