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Peach says: How do you feel about a word we don’t hear so much of these days? While it is certainly practiced, I wonder if the intentions, the generosity and mindfulness that makes it best, is eroding? What word is this you ask? Hospitality: “The act or practice of receiving and entertaining strangers or guests without reward, or with kind and generous liberality.“, according to Webster’s 1828 dictionary.

From the poorest to the richest, hospitality is something we are all called upon to provide and are able to do so. Whether all are willing to perform, or wise in the ability to live ready to do so, is another thing entirely!

From the homeless person sharing their meal or spare jacket, to the co-worker bringing left over pizza to share with you at lunch, to Aunt Vivian, who makes fruit cake at every Christmas season, to your husband who makes an outstanding low country boil, and your dear, sweet little grandson who wants to give you a pinch off his fresh, hot and soft cinnamon muffin, which he’s currently savoring, there are seemingly unending ways hospitality occurs. It could also be the young gentleman who offers you his seat on the subway, because he’s young and healthy, and you’re…healthy! 😉 Or the person in front of you in the grocery line who waves you ahead because you have 5-6 things and they have a half a buggy full!

You begin to get the idea! For my part, I see the thread of hospitality throughout the Bible, in specific ways. I believe, as God’s people, without question, we are called to live in a hospitable fashion, as individuals. We are not called upon to expect it of others. We are called upon, each of our own selves, as individuals to do so and allow the Holy Spirit to work in us, so that the result of His leadership and influence in our lives comes forth.

“Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;” — Romans 12:10 NKJV. I appreciate so much this verse in The Passion Translation: “Be devoted to tenderly loving your fellow believers as members of one family. Try to outdo yourselves in respect and honor of one another.”. — Romans 12:10.

What ways come easy for you to show hospitality? What is an area that is more challenging for you? I’d say my challenging area? Parking lots. Ugh! Help me, Jesus! Lol! We are not to let others influence us in a bad way, when we have the Greater One living within us, making us able. An area that’s easy for me? Baking, cooking, sharing books or clothes or dental floss, (don’t ask!! 🤣🤣 in my defense I will say it was brand new and unopened!) 😝

Just some thoughts on a lovely, and temporarily rainy summer afternoon!

By peachandbatman

Hi!! Thanks for dropping in! We are just a couple of high school sweethearts married 36+ years, who love Jesus, each other, life, our family, our country, traveling, taking pictures, teaching people about guns, books, movies, music, British murder mysteries, and cooking! We have a little bit of everything going on! Come on in!

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