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Peach’s Cookin

Batman Says:

I did one smart thing in my life, I married Peach, not only is she beautiful and witty and God fearing, she’s an amazing cook.

“Find a woman that likes to cook and who’s good at it and stick with her to the end” someone said sometime and they are right. My Peach makes every meal, from eggs and bacon (mmmmmmmm BACON think I did a post on that…) to fancy roasts, and makes the best cookies on the planet (don’t take my word for it, ask any of my fellow Police firearms instructors who look forward to them each year). Peach has the uncanny ability to make what would seem plain, into something unusually delicious and I’ll give you just a short example.

We have a crock pot, slow cooker whichever you call it and we like to use it, it’s handy and you can put all your ingredients in it a day before (or night) store in the fridge and start it when you get up. Anyways squirrel ran by…

Peach did a pork roast this week, and I have to say was the best she’s ever done and that’s saying a lot. I’m guessing at some of this cause I only chopped the fresh herbs, but it was pork, thyme, rosemary, and carrots, I’m sure salt and pepper, and Peach usually adds something else to her stuff as well as it’s always done with Love. Can’t bottle that last one, so do your best work at keeping it alive, just sayin…anyways it was freakin delicious, she served it with cauliflower and it was perfect.

Peach never admits anything is as good as it actually is, always finding some “flaw” in her cooking that no one else sees or tastes. I find that amusing as as long as I have known her 37 + years (first date was an Alabama concert which was awesome) she has never screwed up a meal. She will deny it but take my word for it, the girl could cook a rock and it would end up being the best meal you ever ate.

We sometimes collaborate and cook together (she lets me chop stuff) and it’s always fun, it’s just one more thing we enjoy doing together. These meals also end up being delicious and have the added benefit of being fun to do as we are together.

Recently someone asked for the secret to staying together, well it’s not “THE” secret, but it’s one of them. Find the person that you like spending every waking moment with (especially helps if they are an excellent cook, sorry I got the best one, but there are lots more to find) and spend every waking moment letting them know that without them you are not whole. Not only will you eat well, you will have a partner (husband/wife) that you love for being themselves and for the things they do.

Peach will deny that any of the things I’ve said about her cooking are true, and that’s just one more reason I love her like I do, she’s modest (left that out of the earlier description on purpose) and truly doesn’t believe that she’s such a good cook.

I captured my Peach and therefore I do not go hungry for sustenance or love, y’all go find your own, but if you’re ever by here, I’ll let you sample one of the best cookies on the planet.

“What’s for dinner Peach?”

By peachandbatman

Hi!! Thanks for dropping in! We are just a couple of high school sweethearts married 36+ years, who love Jesus, each other, life, our family, our country, traveling, taking pictures, teaching people about guns, books, movies, music, British murder mysteries, and cooking! We have a little bit of everything going on! Come on in!

7 replies on “Peach’s Cookin”

Aww, this is so darn sweet, such a lovely tribute to Peach. Food doesn’t get any better than “freakin’ delicious” and Love beats everything, so Batman, you are one lucky man. Also, Gratitude is a Fine quality, good for you for so appreciating your wonderful Peach. Sounds like you’ve both been richly blessed! Have a great week, stay healthy, from Peri

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He’s the sweetest! He makes my laugh!

And I have MOST CERTAINLY done my fair share of less than stellar meals! But, like life and love, you get better with practice!! And I’ve definitely learned to ‘cook with love’ these last 12-15 years or so!

Also, there are a number of things he cooks better than me! And I’m completely tickled about that! Pickles, anything fried, or grilled! That’s not all, but, you get the idea!

Hmmm. I’m thinking this should be a post!

Haha! You too, Peri! Thank you!!

Peach and Batman!

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Sounds like a lovely partnership! Sweet+ Laughter… yep! (Gotta have laughter; where would we be without that, especially these days?) And, you clearly are eating sooo well! A nice perk : )
Yes, that sounds like a delicious post! We are almost to grilling season (here).
Have a fine week, you two! Prayers for another 36+ happy years : )

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LOL. Cracks me up. My Gorgeous, to whom I have been blissfully married for 46+ years, does exactly the same thing. Cooks better than any chef on TV, and ALWAYS finds it is not quite as good as she meant for it to be. Glad ya found a good cook with good humor, B-man. Please pass the biscuits.

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