The “Bevan” – Timing

Part VII

Several hours later Lee was talking with Rotar and Falan in a dining hall about the days events and what was next when suddenly a horn sounded and everyone started to get up and head out.

“Hold on you two,” said Lee “What’s going on and where are you going?”

Rotar answered “Alarm! We are under attack! We have to get to the wall!”

“Welp, I cannot sit here while everyone else is fighting, so I’m coming with you, but I need to get my bow, where do I meet you?”

Less than 10 minutes later, Lee was on the top of the Fortress wall standing between Rotar and Falan. He was fully dressed in his cloak, hidden soft body armor, and carried the blade of the Black Legion upside down on his back in a sheath under his backpack and the Ronin on his hip hidden from view. “Going to be hard for them to do much damage having to cross that open water in boats then scale the wall, if they can” said Lee. Falan answered “the Brak can climb the wall as easy as we can walk in the woods, but they haven’t mastered swimming so if we can disrupt their boats they will not have the chance”.

As they were talking there was a bleating horn sound and several dozen boats were pushed into the 200yard wide body of water surrounding the fortress. Lee was watching waiting for someone to shoot an arrow or something but everyone held their fire “been my experience that if you break an enemies back early, you take the initiative, why are you waiting?” He asked. An unknown soldier said “we cannot soot accurately at that distance” and Lee said “it’s your war bub, but since I’m stuck here on this side I think I can risk a miss or two rather than give them a free pass over the river”. Lee drew his bow and sighted along an arrow across the distance at a figure who was seemingly directing Braks into action. He slowed his breath, closed his eyes then opens and was still aligned on the figure, Lee released the arrow. The bow may a thump sound as it launched the arrow at roughly 400fps flying in an arc but with a true flight it crossed the distance in little over a second striking the figure dead center of the chest burying deeply as the steel broadhead bit into flesh. The figure dropped as if pole axed and several of the other figures froze in disbelief. Lee was already releasing a second arrow by the time the first struck and this arrow missed its mark but did strike a Brak in the thigh causing him to knock over a lantern setting several tents on fire and causing several explosions.

The Treslander’s were astonished at Lees’s ability to shoot accurately at that distance but were soon shooting on their own as boats came into range. Rotar was moving up and down the wall giving orders and directing fire from the archers, as boats got closer to the walls the archer’s Moved back on the parapet and soldiers with swords and axes moved to the front line, archers shooting over their shoulders or heads. Lee could see several soldiers collapse from hits by enemy arrow fire and then saw for himself how fast the Braks could scale the sheer wall as several scampered up easily only to be cut down at the top. Suddenly there appeared a boat loaded with six huge figures covered by shields heading to the wall below where Lee and Falan were, it plowed forward despite being targeted and hit by numerous arrows, four of the figures eventually were shot out of the boat but the final two made it to the wall and began climbing, seemingly focused on getting up and over at this point whatever the cost.

Falan said “Tryaks!! So they have also joined against us, that’s a heavy blow they are relentless and twice as hard as Braks to kill”. Lee saw motion out of the corner of his eye and for some reason it caught his attention as Falan was making his statement, he looked and caught a glimpse of a figure disappearing into a side door and into the shadows and he thought “what is he doing here?” He was 99.9999% sure it was Trendar the one that gave him the feeling of someone not to be trusted. Lee heard a shout and turned to see a Tryak coming over the wall and he shot it in the face with an arrow causing it to fall backwards off the parapet and down into and through a boat carrying several Braks sending them all to the bottom. The second Tryak breached the wall and swing his huge sword taking out two soldiers and knocking Falan off the parapet down into the fortress. The Tryak spotted Lee and let out a roar and started forward, Lee saw this thing was over Seven feet tall and well over 400 pounds and he reached for an arrow but his quiver was empty “well crap, that’s going to make things interesting” he thought as he backed up to gain some space. The Tryak sang his sword and Lee dove and rolled to the side drawing his blade. He gained his feet in a crouch and dove down at the Tryak’s legs sliding past he let his blade slice through the huge leg he slipped past causing the Tryak to collapse onto its knee, Lee spun about to slice the neck of this enemy but Rotar appeared suddenly behind it and with a swing of his sword beheaded the beast. Nodding quickly at Lee he was off again shouting orders and helping attack any enemy that got over the top of the wall. The battle lasted another hour with the Braks and Tryaks finally retreating back with their wounded.

Standing on the wall after the battle Lee watched as these creatures or people or whatever retreated, trying to find a pattern or clue as to what prompted this attack and some clue as to who was the mastermind that was behind this “war”. He pulled his binoculars out from his backpack that was still laying against the wall where he left it and searched the groups retreating and those individuals who stood on the outskirts and watched. He saw a darkly cloaked figure at the tree line, never getting out of the shadows, the figure was looking at the returning troops but seemed to be not seeing or hearing what he looked for. Lee saw the figure suddenly stiffen and slowly it’s head turned facing the fortress, it’s face mostly concealed by the hood on his cloak, Lee saw enough to know that the figures eyes were looking directly at him and that whatever / whoever this was he looked remarkably like the “trusted friend of the Premier” Trendar. “Now that’s an interesting turn of events” he thought to himself “I’m going to have to find out more about this fella I think, if I want to get to the bottom of this mess”.

Hours later as the fortress returned to normal Lee was talking with Rotar as they went to the infirmary to check on Falan, “that was a long way to fall, lucky there were people down there to break it before he hit the ground” said Lee. Rotar said “he’s still young and bounces good I’m sure he’s fine” they both laughed as they entered and saw Falan sitting up, looking bruised but no worse for wear. “Told you” said Rotar and Lee agreed “glad your ok Falan that tumble looked pretty bad”. Falan said “yes for a mere mortal or normal Treslander it would have been fatal, but since it was me” and they all laughed. Lee, Rotar and Falan talked a long time about what occurred and how things were progressing at a rapid pace which was worrying Lee “I need to get back and check on my kin, I’m leaving later today but before I go we should see the premier once more”. Rotar agreed and said he would arrange it quickly and he left immediately. Lee turned to Falan and hesitated “what I’d it Lee? You can speak freely with me” said Falan. Lee thought for a second and then told him what he had seen both on the wall and in the wood line. Falan agreed that it was troubling and swore he would get Rotar involved and together they would watch Trendars every move when they could and would talk to their closest friends both to have the guards close to the premier and his family be extra cautious, and they would find out all they could about Trendar and his past. “Give him enough rope to hang himself and I’m sure he will take it, but not so much to do something unthinkable and then climb the fortress walls to escape” said Lee.

One hour later Lee was headed out the tunnel with Rotar and another soldier who were taking him to the gate “I will meet you at the same gate in two days time, unless we can find a gate nearer the house, I’m not keen on using the same one over and over as it forms a pattern” said Lee. Rotar replied “when I get back I’ll consult with the map keeper and see if we can find a unused gate and I’ll get word to you, if not in two days we will be back at this one”. Lee nodded and walked into the blurry gate and popped out back in his hunting club.

Lee ducked into the brush but it was unnecessary as the Treslanders had posted a squad there and they had the area secure. Lee talked a few then headed to his truck and found it were he left it, he watched the area carefully for almost an hour before satisfied it was not being watched, and he then slipped silently closer and gets his key from where he hid it in a hollow log. Lee gets in and drives towards his house as the day wanes towards evening. Lee pulled into a secluded spot at the rear of the property near a retention pond that was not visible from the house, he gathered his things and realized he had not texted Elena that he was back. Lee got his phone and the Ronin out of the pouch and texted “be there quick, using the old entrance don’t be surprised”. He made his way over to a giant cypress tree stump and he sat and watched the area for a while, Lee spots something near the rear fence that looks unfamiliar to him and focuses on that spot for a bit. “That’s not natural” Lee thought to himself “looks like someone forgot to change the wilting camouflage today” he muttered as he watched. “Either it’s abandoned or whoever was using it is very sloppy” Lee thought. He slowly scanned the area around the odd spot each pass moving out from it another foot, using his binoculars to try and find signs of recent activity. Just before thinking the area was clear Lee caught glimpse of something out of the corner of his eye, movement but barely perceptible. He continued to scan the area them came back over the territory again this time concentrating on the spot and slowly he started making out details, it was one very well camouflaged Wrack, watching the area towards the house intently as if expecting someone to show up. Lee realized the trap, the wilting camouflage was purposely done to catch the eye of someone in the area, they would investigate and be easily within bow, spear or sword range. “Clever” he thought “hopefully wouldn’t work with anyone in there, if they were thinking they would use binoculars like I did”. Slipping an arrow and drawing his bow aiming at the spot that moved Lee shot and immediately moved drawing another as he was switching positions. Lee thought “could have just used my gun but did not want to put everyone on edge” as he took up a different position and studied the spot. He need not worry, his first arrow did the job striking the Wrack in the side of the head instantly killing it. Lee checked the site, retrieved his arrow and quickly slipped into the tunnel by opening the side of the giant cypress stump with his key.

As Lee emerged from the tunnel in his and Elena’s room he immediately heard sounds of a fight and thought he moved fast he moved cautiously down the hall where he saw Elena lying, she was not dead he could see that so he concentrated on what he saw before him. He saw Trinity strike a Wrack on the neck and forearm with some kind of wooden short swords and he was turning to help her but out of the kitchen burst a Brak and Lee had to turn and deal with this before he could help his niece. Lees did not hesitate he drew his small knife and at the same time the Legion blade from his back, the Brak hesitated seeing the blade for a second to long, Lee threw the Legion blade underhand striking the Brak in the chest burying to the hilt. The Brak rose in his toes and started falling back and Lee moved closer in a flash pulling the Legion blade out and simultaneously stabbing his short sheath knife up into the Braks throat and twisting it. Without hesitating Lee spun in time to see the Wrack behind Trinity and his sword moving by her throat, Lee threw the Legion blade, striking the assassin in the back of the neck where the spine meets the brain and he collapsed in a heap taking Trinity down with him.

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