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The Bevan- Dragons

Part XII

Lee felt himself dragged into the open and realized he was in the grasp of a Dragon, he quickly pulled this blade and shoved it in the claw that was holding Him and the dragon roared and dropped him. Lee landed on his feet and rolled away turning to face the dragon in the chamber his back to the wall, the dragon had spun sideways and coiled its neck like a snake looking at Lee. To lee the dragon looked immature, but what did he know about dragons. It’s size was smallish and not well developed and it seemed not as sure of itself as lee assumed a mature dragon would be. “Mature or not it can definitely kill and eat you” Lee thought to himself. Lee grumbled that he did not bring a bigger knife than that of the Legion and he saw his bow by the cave entrance “well that makes it complicated” he thought and just as he finished the thought the dragon roared and lunged at him it’s mouth wide open in an attempt to bite, Lee dove up and over the outstretched neck and rolled into the entrance grabbing his bow. The dragon spun snake quick and again lunged at him. Lee dashed past its open mouth back into the cavern in order to gain some room to work, and the dragon roared in frustration spinning to face him. Lee released the arrow that he had drawn and it slide down the outside of the dragons mouth and neck it’s razor sharp broad-head slicing a groove between the dragons thick scales and it again roared this time in angry pain. Lee drew and shot again but this arrow bounced off the thick scales of the dragons chest and had no effect, the dragon extended its neck forward towards lee and roared again advancing, Lee tried to dodge but underestimated the dragon who swung its tail and knocked Lee across the cavern into the wall knocking his breath out. Before he could recover the dragon was on him and grabbed him in its claws pulling him up roaring as it opened its mouth to bite him. Lee pulled the Ronin off his hip and shot the dragon in its mouth up towards the roof in the back trying to hit something vital. The bullet went through the dragons mouth and into its brain and stopped it instantly and it collapsed in a heap with Lee hopelessly buried under its bulk.

The guards far down the tunnel could hear the sounds of the dragon roaring long before Trinity made it back to them and they had sounded the alarm bringing up squads of soldiers with shields and spears. Trinity tried to speak but was out of breath and the old guard said “it’s ok lass, take a moment catch your breath”. Trinity finally got out “Dragon!!! Uncle lees fighting a dragon we have to help!!!!”. About the time Trinity got the words out Rotar and Falan and another squad arrived “what did you say Trinity??? Rotar asked “where, where is he how long “ago??!!” He asked sharply. “5 tunnels down” she said “hurry!!!” And took off running. Rotar yelled commands to the sergeant of the chamber guards to summon more squads and seal the chamber and protect it at all cost. Falan was already running to catch Trinity shouting to the squad of soldiers “come on you lot, the fight is this way!!”

Lee was slowly squirming his way from under the dragons weight when he heard rushing wind and flapping, he felt a strong force of wind blowing into the chamber and then heard heavy steps and a low rumbling and he realized he was hearing another dragon. “Well crud, this is going to make things a mite tricky there Lee, what with being stuck under this thing” he thought to himself and about the time he was finishing that thought the other dragon came into view, it was massive dwarfing the one he had killed. The dragon was black like the night and had cracks and creases in its scales as if it had been burnt many times, there were scars along it’s body and several old arrows and spears broken off long ago still stuck in them. The dragon rattled as it move as if growling and bubbling like a cauldron. Lee could see it had one eye scarred over and he could see the hilt of a knife protruding from the corner of the bad eye. The dragon had a head the size of his pickup truck and teeth 10-12 inches long it looked huge. Lee was trying to get his arms free when the massive dragon spotted him and let out a roar so loud that it hurt lees ears and echoed and reverberated down through all the tunnels all the way up to the entrance from the main fortress.

Trinity was just turning into the side tunnel when the roar hit her like a wall making her stop for a second, just long enough for Rotar to grab her shoulder and drag her back “hold on a second, let the others catch up then we will go” he whispered. Trinity started to protest as she turned but she saw the rest of the soldiers lining up behind them. Rotar told Falan “take half the men to the next side tunnel and come in from the side I’ll send half to the one we passed, and we will go in here, go now hurry!” Falan gave his orders quickly and silently and he and half the men ran to the next passage and disappeared into it, as the other half did the same in the previous tunnel they passed getting here. Rotar looked at Trinity “do as I say and do, we will find your uncle but we must be cautious” he whispered and Trinity nodded that she understood. Rotar gripped a spear and shield and slowly moved into the tunnel, Trinity following close behind. Rotar stopped several feet from the end seeing the body of a dragon lying in the chamber partially blocking the entrance “well, he killed it, it seems” he whispered to Trinity and as he did a second more powerful roar erupted from within the chamber shaking the walls with its strength. Rotar saw that the chamber was destroyed and open to the surface, something or someone had dug it up and made a path to enter the tunnels without their knowledge. Then he saw the dragon, dark against the night sky and seeming massive and invincible. The dragon was fixated on something on the floor near or under the dead one. Trinity gasped “Oh no it’s uncle Lee!!” Before realizing how loud she was and the dragon jerked its head around looking at the tunnel they were in and it roared again moving closer. Suddenly from both sides soldiers started appearing in the chamber amongst the rocks and boulders, some shooting arrows at spots that were listed as weak points on the dragon. This infuriated the dragon who fought back slashing at some with its huge claws and knocking boulders and rocks around with its tail. Several soldiers were wounded some severely by the onslaught. Rotar saw Falan dragging wounded soldiers to safety and he himself was bloodied by a claw from the dragon. Rotar looked at Trinity “you stay here! There is nothing you can do against this beast, and I cannot keep an eye on you and him at the same time, so promise you will stay here!!” And Trinity who was afraid but determined to help somehow but knew her short swords were of no use against a dragon, finally nodded and said “ok I’ll stay here” Rotar nodded and slipped out into the chamber using the dead dragons body as cover. The dragon swung its tail at several soldiers behind some boulders and missed smashing instead into the body of its dead relative.

Lee was struggling to get free when all heck broke loose there were soldiers everywhere and the dragon was distracted trying to kill them using its claws and tail with great efficiency as weapons. One such swipe struck the dead dragon he was pinned under and he was suddenly free but his legs were so numb he couldn’t get up. Trinity suddenly saw her uncle Lee struggling to get up and did not hesitate, she dashed out into the chamber dodging the dragons tail then his claws as he tried to grab her. Rotar saw Trinity run out and yelled “No!” And dashed out into the open as the dragon was reaching to grab Trinity, he flung his battle axe and it stuck in between two overlapping scales on the dragons arm causing it to roar in pain and anger and it swung the same arm and wing back striking Rotar’s shield and knocking him flying several feet back into a wall where he fell in a heap under his shield. The dragon coiled it’s neck and spewed fire at Rotar’s body as it lay there under the shield. Trinity saw what happened and screamed “Rotar Nooooo!!” She hesitated then again dashed the rest of the way to Lee and started dragging him back and away towards a tunnel but he was a big man and very heavy and she was having a hard time, suddenly Falan was there and he grabbed Lee and helped her drag him to safety. Trinity stopped and looked where Rotar had landed but saw nothing but fire as the dragon again belched fire. Several soldiers all attacked again with spears, swords and arrows some penetrating spots on the dragon others bouncing off harmlessly. Trinity turned to check on her uncle and as she did she saw out of the corner of her eye something flying through the air from the rim of the chamber.

Jondar heard the dragons roaring as he was laying on his bed recovering, he heard the alarms and heard soldiers rushing past. Jondar said “healer! wrap this bandage tight and hurry!!” And the healer said “you can’t leave you will tear the stitches out!!!” To which Jondar said after another roar “do you hear that? That is a dragon, and an ancient one by the sound of it, in a few minutes it will have destroyed this entire place, now WRAP THIS BANDAGE TIGHT so I can maybe save a few lives!!!”. The healer complied wrapping the wound and padding it as best he could “it won’t hold much but it should help some” he said “thank you” Jondar said as he was putting his armor back on. Jondar knew by the sounds of the fight that the dragon was in the tunnels and the only what that could happen was if there was a breach, so he grabbed his weapons and as quickly as he could manage headed out, not towards the battle but to the surface. Jondar hurried to one of the exits he alone knew of and grabbed a few archers to take with him, as they went he taught them how to attack a dragon and possibly live to tell about it “shoot for the base of the neck on the underside, and the area where the wing joins the body it’s a spot the size of a dinner plate and it takes several hits to break the scale but it is thin there and flexible and will give if hit enough, shoot and move do not stand still”. The group made there way towards the back slope of a hill that put the chamber in a blind spot from the fortress. As they reached the summit they saw the chamber had been exposed and could see fire being spewed from a massive dragon. Jondar stopped for a second and said “I thought this one dead long ago, but it seems I was mistaken and I should have made sure”. “Yes” he answered a soldier, “I have seen this dragon before and we have done battle, it was me who gave him the scar and it appears we will do battle again”. Jondar sent the soldiers quickly around the rim and they started attacking with arrows, Jondar saw the dragon spew fire again at a spot on the ground by the wall and it puzzled him for a split second, then he recognized a shield that was taking the brunt of the flames and heat. Jondar dashed around to the side of the rim closest to the dragon drawing his short battle axe as he ran, and he launched himself into the air towards the dragon on its blind side as it drew its head up to roar again. Jondar aimed his axe and himself to where the head joined the neck and his axe bit into the dragon, slicing between the scales protecting the dragon and he landed on its neck hanging on. The dragon screamed in pain and anger and spewed fire into the air and all around as it tried to get to the axe in its neck, Jondar hanging on by a thread pulled his sword and plunged it into the neck in the gap caused by the axe “you should have died ages ago you will die now Gwandar, by my hand!”. The sword severed the spine of the dragon and it collapsed in a heap on top of the other dead one in the chamber, flinging Jondar across the room into a boulder.

Trinity saw the figure attack the dragon but did not recognize it as Jondar and as soon as the dragon collapsed she ran to where the person was thrown “are you alright” she said and then “Jondar? how? what are you doing here??!!” And he said with a groan and smile “just happened to be in the neighborhood”. Jondar said “help me up lass, I’m stuck” and Trinity helped pull him to his feet, he thanked her and then said “stay here a second, I need to check something” and headed towards the shield covering the person against the wall. As soon as Trinity realized where he was going she gasped “Rotar!!! Oh I forgot” and Jondar muttered to himself as he flipped the shield away “had to be Rotar, no one else could tick off an animal that much but him” and much to his surprise Rotar’s voice answered from what appeared to be a crevice by the wall apparently created when the chamber was being destroyed “I told you to stay put!” He said to Trinity as he was crawling out. Trinity started to say something but changed her mind just glad that he wasn’t cooked.

Hours later after the dragons were set on fire and burning and the tunnels leading to the destroyed chamber were securely blocked and guards stationed, everyone else met in the mural room. “It seems things have escalated quickly” said the Premier, “not in ages beyond remembering have the enemy gotten so close to entering the fortress”. “The watches have been doubled, and the old hidden observation posts outside the fortress have been reactivated to give advance warning Premier” said Falan. “We must double and triple the soldiers training on fighting these beasts, as well as the other enemy” the Premier said as he looked at Jondar. “I have sent word Premier, to the others, they will be here by nightfall to help with the training of the soldiers” Jondar replied.

As the plans were being made Trinity was listening intently and sat off to one side out of the way. Her mind was going back over the painting she saw of the chamber and the scene. She remembered the woman fighting with creatures and the girl on the seat, but there was something in the background in the darkness of the tunnel behind the enemy that she could not make out but felt it was there. She got up and was looking at the wall mural and was stunned to see the last painting had changed again to one with the fortress besieged by numerous dragons spouting fire while soldiers tried to keep them at bay. There were hundreds of enemy also attacking. Off to one side in a dark tunnel she finally saw what was hiding in the other painting, it was monstrous and huge, with two large fangs and black as death eyes, it was a Serpent! And it was in the main tunnel headed to the secret chamber but between it and the chamber stood a lone figure, the bodies of soldiers and enemies all over in heaps and piles, the figure had in his hand a bow and on his back arrows in a quiver and a solitary knife, and on his side a sword, the bow drawn and aimed at the beast and she recognized the figure as her uncle Lee!

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