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Star Struck

Diamond studded midnight blue skies! Please excuse my phone pics of the sky, I just couldn’t resist to try to capture sone of that fantastic beauty in our front yard!

Peach says: I feel like apologies are more than in order, because I just can’t get my stuff together to blog like I truly want to. If it counts, I write all manner of posts in my head as I’m doing life. Can’t remember much of them though!

Turns out my semi retired life is pretty busy! Who knew?

We have some of our family living with us and it makes life more full and lively in a lot of fun ways!

Work is challenging in some ways in this economy, but it goes on!

So many diamonds! I mean stars! 😍

After we got back home from our road trip last October, we decided to get a long wanted telescope for the family to enjoy. Which has led to many stargazing nights!

Batman is the driving force to it all! I get a front row seat and all the looking I want! He does all the hard stuff and I’m so grateful for his generous research and effort, which he so patiently puts into it, and then shares with us all!

Below is a beautiful picture he took tonight with the telescope of Orion! It was a perfect night to be out!

While he was working on the pictures, I couldn’t resist taking pictures with my phone. With so many bright stars looking down upon us, you just have to try!

Orion 📸 by: Batman on the telescope

I’ll be back this weekend with more, and more importantly for much needed visits around the blogosphere!

“He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names.” — Psalm 147:4