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Batman says:

There’s a saying in the military about the time a person has left before they end a deployment or a career, it’s they are “short timers” or “short”. Well, in my profession as a Police Officer I am so “short” I could walk under a snakes belly and not touch it, I have 7 days left before I go on vacation that will terminate on Jan 3 the last day I will be a Police Officer, as I retire then.

It has been a long but rewarding career that I’ve lived through, I have seen too many horrible things, not enough good things, have missed too many holidays and family gatherings, all to serve a public that really does not like the Police until they need them. Funny thing is, I’d do it all over again if asked. I enjoyed helping who I could, putting away those that needed it, and meeting thousands of ordinary people. Those are the ones that know 99.999999% of all Police Officers are decent, hard working people that just want to do the right thing. These are the people we do the job for. Don’t get me wrong, we do our best to treat everyone the same.

Anywho, getting this close makes one think of “what next” besides the obvious things everyone does, for me it will be about gardens and flowers and making the yard pretty for “Peach” and myself. We have always wanted to do certain things in the yard and this will be the time we get it done, nothing fancy but we think it will end up looking nice, attract butterflies and colorful songbirds and that’s cool. Making a vegetable garden again needs no explanation, it will provide food and also keep me busy and moving. I have always liked gardening so it will be fun to once again be able to do the gardening I enjoy.

There are a few things that we are gonna change indoors but not a lot, it will be fun to experiment and change decor. Then of course there’s writing and posting, going and taking photographs to post and try and sell, trips to see things and go on hikes and bike rides… I’m more exhausted thinking about all this than if I kept working 🤣🤣🤣. Just kidding I am looking forward to doing all these things and more with Peach, as we wander and see what comes next. Y’all keep an eye out there should be more blogs appearing after the first of the year when I have “pulled the pin” so to speak and finally retired. You will have to look harder to find me as I’m so “short” now, but I’m still here with my silly stories and antics, so stay tuned .

“It’s gonna be a regular flower garden out here Peach”