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Batman says:

Today is fried chicken day yaaaay joy, rapture 😬

Cubed chicken breasts, dumped into a zip lock bag with fish fry breading (yes I know a chicken is not a fish, it’s what food experimenting is about) fried in an electric skillet 350-365 you non Fahrenheit’ers will have to convert that one yourselves, until golden brown and delicious. Scooped with a spider (it’s a cooking tool not a bug) into a colander to drain in a bowl, salted while still oily and hot, and served, again I say YUM!

See ya, not polite to talk with food in my mouth 😁

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Sausage & Veggies

Batman says:

Peach made a yummy meal that was really very quick and simple. Kielbasa sausage cooked whole in links in a wok (not the thing you throw at a wabbit) and mixed cauliflower, carrots, and broccoli. Simple meal that has loads of flavor and is actually really good for ya.

Enjoy folks, I know we did


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Fried Chicken

Batman says:

I am pretty sure that God eats fried chicken in heaven, he would have to because it’s that good.

Peach and I eat a lot of chicken, and trying to find ways to make it interesting and different sometimes is hard to do, but there is one way it is always acceptable and that’s fried. Golden brown and delicious with just the right seasonings and crunch and there is no better food on this planet.

Think back in to your youth and one food you will remember having always will be fried chicken. Fried chicken is one of those foods moms just know how to cook, they need no fancy cookbooks or ingredients. Just a cast iron skillet (those observant ones of you will notice mine was done in an electric skillet, I have a cast iron ‘Lodge’ skillet, I chose the electric because it was out already and I’m sometimes lazy) some oil (I use vegetable) and chicken. Yes, there are shakes and dredges and drenched you can use but you don’t have to, salt and pepper work fine. I cook it at 325-330 till the interior is 160 (carryover heat does the rest). My mom does flower and eggs as a breading (I cannot compete with moms but I think mines ok) I’ve done it with or without breading, funny I’ve done chicken with or without the skin to (without skin is harder to do without making the outside tough so be careful) and we like it both ways.

Fried chicken, comfort food, y’all don’t forget it in today’s times where everything has to be fancy or healthy, cause it’s just plain good stuff.

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Batman says:

Bacon 👍🏼

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Food Experiment

Batman says:

I have a tendency to goof off in the kitchen whilst Peach is out working. I plunder through the cabinets and freezer, drawers and fridge searching for some unknown super food that is both filling, salty, sweet, not so bad for you (not to good for you either). I usually end up making a mess and sometimes the resulting amassed pile of ingredients results in something tasty (sometimes turkey vultures would turn their noses up at it) and a bit ago I made this concoction:

Jerry’s Apple roasted chicken with Apple honey glaze

3 chicken breasts cubed

Baking dish

Creole seasoning

Garlic salt

Beer chicken spice

Cayenne pepper

Apple cider

Apple jelly


Cube chicken put in baking dish

Sprinkle with creole seasoning, garlic salt, beer chicken spice, cayenne pepper. Add Apple cider to moisten. Bake in 400 pre-heated oven 10 minutes, turn, another 10 minutes

In small sauce pan combine 2 large spoonfuls of apple jelly and 2-3 squirts honey, heat to thin

Remove chicken, baste with Apple honey mix, back in oven on broil middle rack 7 minutes

Oven to 400 and bake another 7 minutes

Ok, the baking times differ with your oven, just be careful not to over cook the chicken.

It was actually pretty tasty and not very complicated to make. I’m sure some fancy chef someplace has already done this in some fashion and if so I give u your accolades, I’ve never heard of it or had anything like it before so I gave it the name you see.

Anyways, Peach liked it (or pretended to)

Have a great day y’all


Chicken and Toasted Pecans in Balsamic Vinegar and Cherry Preserves


Peach says: So, we eat a lot of chicken! And though healthy, economical and versatile, it can be challenging at times to make it interesting, and not let yourself get in a rut! The other day, as I showered and prepared for work, I thought ahead to the inevitable task of dinner, and started thinking of raspberry or cherry preserves, toasted pecans, wonderfully cool and crisp salad greens, and wondered if there was something worth a try going on in my head. I decided it must be tried! Already had the chicken thawed! It’s June! Perfect timing for salads for dinner! Made the plan to stop by Publix after work, ‘where shopping is a pleasure’, and where the produce is always plenty and pleasing, after work and pick up the produce.

It was not disappointing! We will be repeating this one!

Here you go:

Chicken and Toasted Pecan Salad in Balsamic Vinegar and Cherry Preserves

5-6 servings. 3 chicken breasts cut up, salt and peppered, cooked in a skillet in a bit of olive oil and butter, and basted in a mix of cherry preserves, balsamic vinegar and a bit of brown sugar (maybe 2 Tbs, I didn’t measure just put a bit in). [You only want the brown sugar to take edge off the balsamic vinegar, not to the point of sweetness.] When the chicken is done. Set it aside to cool down. I used a bag of mixed salad greens, with half a bag of spinach, rinsed and spun well, and set aside, sliced a few of the smaller, sweeter tomatoes. 

Then covered a cookie tin with pecans, basted them in olive oil, sprinkled with salt and baked at 350 for 5 minutes then set them aside! 

Once chicken has cooled, toss it all together, add a handful of grated cheddar (you could change this easily to your taste, I’d like blue cheese I think or feta) and then mix another batch of what you basted chicken in for cooking, and use that as dressing! Bon appetit!!