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Batman Says:

Nothing profound here (not that I’m ever real profound) just pictures we have taken at night, trying to learn the camera…enjoy

“Hope y’all enjoyed them as much as we enjoyed shooting them in the wee of the morning”

life styles


Batman says:

Those of us who work shift work, all know midnight shift, 11-7, 6-6, or whatever combination you work. Midnights are tiresome and strain a relationship when it’s new. But if it’s meant to be, the relationship will last, if we work at it and even prosper.

Blessed as I am with Peach, we have lasted well over 30 years, 24 of which I have rotated on and off of midnight shift. Hadn’t always been easy, missing birthdays and holidays and family gatherings, but with Peach’s understanding, we have made a great life.

Midnights is when the no so nice people are out, most decent people are home and not roaming the streets. Dealing with these people wears on a person and over the years one becomes hardened. This is when you need a ‘Peach’ who, when you come home, is there waiting, always willing to ‘fix breakfast’ even at 5 a.m. There to remind you why you do what you do and to help ‘soften’ you back up to the world.

Midnights are tough, but with your own ‘Peach’ it gets easier every day