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Writing Interesting Things

Batman says:

Peach will tell you, I kinda have scatter brained ideas and such. My ability to focus on most things for more than five minutes is severely hampered by the errant “squirrel” that runs by (I hope everyone gets the squirrel reference). I have about a thousand and one things I like to do and at least another 500 dedicated hobbies. Some of these things require a higher level of skill than others which means I must focus to do them well (which with my scatter-braininess leaves me in a pickle a lot).

Writing falls into this category, it takes focus to write things that others might find interesting. I am not normally someone that puts down into words feelings or ideas, more of the hermit than anything else. Peach it is which you all have to blame for exposing you all to my weirdness. Peach writes eloquently about God and His plans for you and me, I write about off the wall things and of course the occasional “squirrel” darts by and we go off topic 😬. I recently went back through the posts I have subjected y’all to and had a good laugh at some of the things I wrote. Doing this review and reading comments made me realize that sometimes I write interesting things, and sometimes not so much. I think we all struggle with coming up with “interesting and thought provoking” ideas to share, and this is one of the reasons I write from my experiences. Writing as I do from my experiences, leads to lots of humorous stories and ideas which I have found to be “interesting” to some folks.

Myself alone, will never reach large groups of followers, Peach on the other hand, if I could EVER get her to settle down and write with any kind of regularity, could. With her bible knowledge, grace, eloquent way of stating things could, if she wanted, get droves of followers to read and wait with baited breath her posts (y’all if you read her stuff know I’m right, which for me ain’t always the case).

Anyhow, writing interesting things will always be a challenge (at least for me) but I will keep scratching away at cause Peach likes me to. Way back long ago I had this idea to write a fictional story. I just started writing, had no plan about what or any idea where it was going, I never finished it, I didn’t get more than a few pages finished. Still, if I remember correctly, Peach thought it was ok and maybe a couple other people I let see it did too I think. honestly I can’t remember if I did share it with anyone else, planned to, but not sure I did. The problem I have with writing a book is that, unless it’s a real story, I lose the ability to carry a story very far, I’m sure authors all over can “feel my pain”. I read others posts on here and am amazed at the literary ability before me. Instructional books I could maybe do, maybe if it’s something I have knowledge of or skill at.

This whole ramble came about as the result of me going back and reading my old posts, Peach’s old posts (of which she needs to WRITE MORE, I believe she needs to write a series) and some posts from others. Got me thinking about writing interesting things and organizing my stuff into some kind of pattern or groups of ideas. Then as I sat and pondered that idea, I realized to do that would be like writing chapters in a book. The problem with doing it that way is it would be a book with no subject, or in my scatterbrained case, a book of so many different subjects I do not believe it would hold anyone interest. The title is easy though “Ramblings of a Country Boy”.

Naw, never mind, I’ll just keep posting my ramblings here to amuse and annoy, maybe someday in my future there’s a book, but it’s beyond my expertise to assemble it.

How’s that Peach? Yes I did actually say you needed to write a series of posts…😬


Chicken and Toasted Pecans in Balsamic Vinegar and Cherry Preserves


Peach says: So, we eat a lot of chicken! And though healthy, economical and versatile, it can be challenging at times to make it interesting, and not let yourself get in a rut! The other day, as I showered and prepared for work, I thought ahead to the inevitable task of dinner, and started thinking of raspberry or cherry preserves, toasted pecans, wonderfully cool and crisp salad greens, and wondered if there was something worth a try going on in my head. I decided it must be tried! Already had the chicken thawed! It’s June! Perfect timing for salads for dinner! Made the plan to stop by Publix after work, ‘where shopping is a pleasure’, and where the produce is always plenty and pleasing, after work and pick up the produce.

It was not disappointing! We will be repeating this one!

Here you go:

Chicken and Toasted Pecan Salad in Balsamic Vinegar and Cherry Preserves

5-6 servings. 3 chicken breasts cut up, salt and peppered, cooked in a skillet in a bit of olive oil and butter, and basted in a mix of cherry preserves, balsamic vinegar and a bit of brown sugar (maybe 2 Tbs, I didn’t measure just put a bit in). [You only want the brown sugar to take edge off the balsamic vinegar, not to the point of sweetness.] When the chicken is done. Set it aside to cool down. I used a bag of mixed salad greens, with half a bag of spinach, rinsed and spun well, and set aside, sliced a few of the smaller, sweeter tomatoes. 

Then covered a cookie tin with pecans, basted them in olive oil, sprinkled with salt and baked at 350 for 5 minutes then set them aside! 

Once chicken has cooled, toss it all together, add a handful of grated cheddar (you could change this easily to your taste, I’d like blue cheese I think or feta) and then mix another batch of what you basted chicken in for cooking, and use that as dressing! Bon appetit!!